Visit of KKS Foundation Council members from Germany

 Foundation Council Members of Karl Kübel Stiftung, German visited GSHEC and the project villages supported by KKS and BMZ on 10.11.2016. The purpose of the visit was to observe the impacts of the development activities in the rural villages and also to have an impression on the sustainability part of the projects implemented. They visited Kooranur village from Kemmarampalayam Panchayat and Kunjampalayam village from No. 4 Veerapandi Panchayat. The team had interaction with the beneficiaries as well as they visited their houses. Mr. Mathias Wilkes, Charman KKS, Dr. Georg Josef Allendorf, Dr. Kerstin Maria Humberg, Dr. Sabine Diabate, Dr. Klaus-Volker Schütz, Dr. George Aricjakl, Ms. Sigrid Zecma, Mr. Ralf Tepel, Ms. Kornelia Plaga from KKs, Germany and Mr. Mathew P Thomas, KKF India were the team members.



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