Economic Empowerment

The goal of the component Economical Empowerment is to provide financial independence and stability for women in the society. Allocating opportunities for self-employment leads to an increased social status and acceptance. Especially the gain of economical knowledge and establishing a saving habit is very important.


Due to the economical security, the component Skill Trainings is related to Economic Empowerment.

Income Generation Program (IGP)


The Program is designed for increasing the house hold income and reducing the unemployment /underemployment of women through the provision of support for different trades and skill/capacity building training programmes. Within the yourse of 2013/2014, 415 eligible beneficiaries  profited through IGP activities and 100 women farmers  availed agricultural support. Self-Help-Group Members can get a Low-Interest-Loan via Good Shepherd to start their own business. IGP activities are divided into  Milch Cow rearing, Goat rearing,Tailoring, Mushroom Cultivation, home yard poultry and Small Business. The women and men can apply and later realise their own self-employment ideas.





Agricultural Women Farmers Group

The participants of Agricultural Training are motivated to from themselves in groups of 5 to 10 farmers. These groups meet regularly and conduct meetings, discuss the various developments in agricultural sector,manure application, pest control and the available technologies.